Q-FITS's flexible customer-centered approach has led us to develop distinctive skills and experience in just those areas where our customers' needs are focussed.

Australia's largest library of gaskets and packing ring dies
Full machine shop with machinists uniquely skilled in forming plastics
One of the country's biggest selections of O-rings, seals and packings including high technology materials
Complete range of elastomeric and fibrous materials in sheet, extruded and moulded forms
Unequalled product sourcing ability through 200+ specialist sub-contractors in Australia and abroad
Unique Business Partners Program

No other company can match Q-FITS's range of products nor our service levels....That's why leading companies in virtually every industrial sector have come to Q-FIT.

  • Gaskets and washers
    (including potable water approved).
  • O- and X-rings, all sizes and materials
    (including potable water approved).
  • All non-mechanical seals including boded seals, U-cups, V-rings....
  • Packings, packing rings
  • Polymer machines parts (Teflon, Roulon...).
  • Moulded parts (suction cups, bushes, rollers...).
  • Sheet, cord and extrusions in any material.
  • Colour-coded plastic shim.
  • Metal mesh and filters including Standard Test Filters.
  • High temperature fabrics and custom-sewn products.
  • Spiral-wound gaskets.
  • Custom and specialty items and services as required